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Electroplating on Plastic Components
Electroplating, the process of “electrodepositing” dissolved ions of one metal onto the surface of another metal, has been a popular manufacturing technique for more than two centuries. Manufacturers in a wide range of industries make use of electroplating for purposes such as corrosion and wear protection, increasing surface hardness, promoting electrical conductivity and even improving the appearance of a part or component.
Gold plating plastic parts will obviously improve their appearance. Gold also offers a number of additional benefits. Gold provides protection against corrosion and is such a good conductor of electricity that it is frequently used to provide a conductive coating on electronic parts and components. Additionally, gold’s excellent heat shielding properties make it suitable for hightemperature applications.
Nickel: Because of nickel’s bright, metallic appearance, it can serve as a suitable — and less toxic — substitute for chrome when plating plastic automotive parts. Nickel also provides protection against corrosion and wear. Alloying nickel with other metals such as tin and tungsten can increase the hardness of the nickel deposit and enhance its corrosion and wear resistance capabilities.
Copper: Copper is perhaps best known for its excellent electrical conductivity, which is why copper plating is such as popular choice for metallizing non-conductive metal surfaces. Copper plating can also be used as a heat stop-off for masking. A major benefit of copper plating is its relatively low cost, especially when compared to precious metals such as gold and silver.
Chrome provides a smooth surface finish, good corrosion resistance and strong aesthetic appeal. However, the chrome plating process is highly complex and can consist of as many as 30 steps. Platers that use chrome to plate on plastic are also required to adhere to strict EPA regulations
The automotive industry is the principal leader in usage of plastic on plating technology. They occupy around 80% of the market share of electroplate usage. The ability to mold and bend plastic into just about any shape gives engineers a broader range of options when developing vehicle styles that differentiate their company’s products from those of the competition. Producers of OEM and aftermarket parts are also making extensive use of plastic plating.
Plastic plumbing fixtures are now regularly used within the industry due to cost savings over varying metal options. However, plastic is not always the most aesthetically pleasing material to have within a home, so plastic plating is often used to enhance the appeal of the plastic fixtures.
Plastic plating is regularly used in the construction of electronic components and accessories. Nickel and nickel-chromium plating is used to enhance the appearance of the plastic trim on computers and mobile phones, as well as the various control knobs, switched and buttons on a wide range of home electronics and electrical appliances.
Heat resistant products
Plastic parts exposed to extremely high temperatures during manufacturing or end use can be vulnerable to heat damage. A metal coating can act as a thermal shield that minimizes the risk.
Radio transmission products
Plating plastic antennas, RF filters or waveguides will protect them items when exposed to the elements and facilitate the transmission of radio signals.
Bottle caps
Some perfume manufacturers are now using plastic bottle caps plated with metal to make their packaging more attractive to prospective buyers. The metallic appearance adds a touch of elegance that makes the bottle stand out on a store shelf.
What Are the Benefits of Plating on Plastic?
The increasing popularity of the use of plastics and plastic composites in a wide variety of manufacturing processes has also led to a greater demand for plating on plastic. Plating plastic with a metal surface enhances the appearance of the material and creates the impression of higher quality. As a result, it is often selected when a highly decorative look is desired.

Additionally, plating on plastic can be an effective means of protecting a substrate against the forces of corrosion and make it more resistant to damage from chemicals used in the manufacturing process. In some instances, plating on plastic can increase the strength and wear resistance of the substrate.

As we’ve seen in the automotive industry, an important benefit of plating on plastic is that it can significantly enhance the appearance of the substrate. Most industrial plastics tend to have a dull finish. While colorizing the plastic can make it more visually appealing, it still will not produce the bright, shiny appearance that many product owners desire. While plating with chrome has long been a popular technique in automotive applications, the potential health hazards posed by the hexavalent chromium plating process has led many metal finishing providers to employ safer alternatives, particularly nickel plating.

Electroplating can also give a non-conductive plastic surface the ability to conduct electricity, a property that is invaluable to the manufacturers of electronic parts and components used in automobiles, aircraft and a multitude of other products. A metal coating can also reflect potentially damaging light away from the surface of a plastic substrate and serve as a protective barrier against harmful gases and corrosion. Additionally, metallization can help to control the dissipation of energy.
“enhances the appearance of the material and creates the impression of higher quality.”

“make it more resistant to damage from chemicals”

“give non-conductive plastic surface the ability to conduct electricity, a property that is invaluable to the manufacturers of electronic parts and components used in automobiles, aircraft and a multitude of other products”
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